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Lightweight Yet Powerful E-Approval For Everyone

SMFD is the world's most convenient software to get your organization petitions e-signed! It's affordable, simple, secure, and fully supports sequenced authorizations. If you have documents and forms, and you need people to sign the requests, you can leverage SMFD. Its a perfect fit for universities, enterprises, and governments but accessible by smaller businesses. By using SMFD, you go paperless; you feel smarter, you save nature, money, and time. You can play with our Live Demo (credentials in docs ) , read our uses cases, watch our videos, read our documentation, or contact our interactive support at anytime!

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SMFD features

What SMFD can do for you

Serious Security

Our background is in information security. don't get deceived by SMFD simple look. Security is one of our main concepts.

  • Public bug bounty program at HackerOne.
  • Daily security updates
  • Minimal external libraries
  • Two factor authentication (2FA)
  • Enforced SSL
  • Latest development technologies
  • Hardened Linux
  • Web application firewall
  • Digital signatures and your critical information are encrypted with AES-256.
Easy, drop, and drag form builder.

Now you can quickly transform current forms to modern responsive forms and efficiently collect, categorize, and search documents. Easy to use drag&drop form builder with the most common HTML field types. Fully leverage Bootstrap classes for ultimate customization.

  • Header
  • Paragraph
  • Date field
  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown
  • Radio
Smooth integration

Easily authenticate your existing or start freshly. We support three authentication types:

  • Google G Suite
  • LDAP
  • Database
Our white-label plans allow you to customize brand/logo and domain to match with your style.

Simple yet powerful dashboard

Get the insight into how much money, time, and paper you are saving. Easily add, remove, or search for:

  • Requests
  • Forms
  • Users
  • Departments
  • Roles
  • Permissions

Using your dashboard, you can easily segment users, departments, and authorities and assign 1 to n authority to operate.

Smart device friendly

We lab-tested our product on more than 20 tablets and smartphones. Both users and authorities can request or sign forms on almost any devices using:

  • Mouse
  • Touch
  • E-pen

We use modern email backend and responsive emails to ensure delivering your essential notifications.

Sequenced authorization

Using a simple drop&drag list, you can create a list of authorities for signing a form. Each of them can sign a request or petition only after the previous level authority signed the form. This feature will free higher-level managers from receiving unnecessarily petitions. Each role can be assigned to a single department or whole organization with a single click.

Everything you need - all in one place


Powerful yet straightforward dashboard. You can get insight into how much actual money, paper, and time you are saving and how fast your team is signing, and responding to petitions. The dashboard also welcomes you with a quote that you can think about it.

Form Builder

Our drop&drag form builder allows you to convert your old documents files to robust web-based forms. It helps you create new forms in a matter of seconds or minutes. Our builder supports all the most common fields, and you can fully leverage Boostrap 4 classes for a more beautiful design. You can optionally allow users to upload an attachment like a medical certificate or a bank statement.

Sequenced Authorisation

SMFD is the only software that supports sequenced authorization using an easy drag&drop list. Now you can easily make a form signable with various authorities.


You can easily add 1 to N departments and sector wholly customized for your needs. Each user can be assigned to a single department or all departments within your organization.

Roles and Permissions

SMFD supports one to N roles and two main permissions. First permission to sign a form second permission to see forms using these roles and permission, you can easily separate user groups from each other. For instance, you can create students, employees, bankers, soldiers, etc. roles. Each group can sign or see only their form, but you can assign a role like Director to all departments so then they can see all the forms. You can easily attach a form to multiple roles (groups) of users.

Smart Signatures

Sign and request forms from every device we tested our products with various tablets and smartphones to ensure responsiveness. Now you can go paperless literally from anywhere.


We send E-mail and UI notifications for every single important event. The notifications are handled in the background, so users and admins don't have to wait to receive notifications.

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